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Welcome to the first of my personal blogs about all things fertility related.  A while ago, we started a facebook page and over time this page has grown in articles, likes and comments.  To learn more about many different aspects of your fertility join our facebook family at

Writing this, it’s February already!  Before the year gets away on you, wouldn’t it be great to have a plan in place to have your baby this year.  Harness your ‘new year energy’ and take the step to contacting me to see how I can help you.  With improving your fertility it is a bit like ‘needing all your ducks in a row’ there are many aspects like nutrition, mind-set, emotional wellbeing, hormonal balance, knowledge, accurate charting of menstrual cycle, herbal medicines, supplements which all play a part in the big picture.  With my holistic view and individual treatment protocols there is much I can do for you.  No problem is too big or too small, take the first step and contact me.

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