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Sperm come under our spotlight today with two studies

There is potential for heavy metals to affect sperm quality.  In a recent cross sectional study of 20 environmentally exposed men and 27 men who were control
(no exposure) showed that exposure to lead is related to a decrease in the quality of semen.  Count, motility and morphology were all affected, with sperm morphology being the most sensitive to toxic influences.  The study suggested that long term environmental exposure to lead can adversely affect sperm quality.
(Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine, 11 (4): 267 – 274, 2013)

Sperm need folate to win the race!  It was found that pregnancy rates increased by 32% when male rates consumed a folate-sufficient diet.  While folate-deficient male’s experienced 24% more abnormalities in their offspring.  The study supported epigenetics and how dietary and environmental changes can have a positive effect on fertility outcomes. (

It is so easy to put all the effort to increase fertility into the woman and her health, but men are just as important. Time and time again, we are reminded that men contribute 50% of the genetic material (that makes the baby) and their end needs to be well supported nutritionally, mentally, herbally and with as clean an environment as possible.

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