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Fertility Problems

Fertility Problems

The Natural Fertility Management Programme

Natural Fertility management is the safest and most empowering method of overcoming fertility problems such as:

  • Pre-Conception Care
  • Treatment of unexplained infertility
  • Prevention of miscarriage
  • Reproductive health
  • Overcoming both male and female fertility problems
  • Sex Selection
  • Confident Contraception

For those trying to conceive A Recent Study In Britain Showed An 81% Success Rate In Treating Infertility By Natural Methods. (Foresight Organisation for Preconception Health Care). This comprehensive programme teaches you to understand and co-operate with your reproductive functions rather than manipulate and control them. You will learn to optimise fertility timing at mid-cycle, stress control, synchronisation of lunar and hormonal cycles. Herbal Medicine, nutritional supplements and dieting advice are included to treat any known or unknown fertilty problem.

Information for Prospective Clients

My clinic’s are situated at Horotiu (North Hamilton) or in Chartwell (Hamilton), I have enclosed information about the programme, costs and timeframes and look forward to meeting you.
Please bring with you:

  1. The completed enclosed information sheet and questionnaire (if there is anything you do not know or understand, leave blank).
  2. Any hormonal charting previously done.
  3. All the medication and/or supplements you both take.
  4. Any appropriate medical records, exact figures where possible and letters from specialists etc.

Programme of appointments:

The first appointment is 1 1/2 – 2 hours duration, preferably with both you and your partner. Ongoing appointments every 4-6 weeks are usually about  an a hour, and can be via email or skype. Please remember to give at least 24 hours notice if unable to keep an appointment as this allows others the opportunity. At your first appointment I will discuss with you your situation, the treatment options available, what is involved for you, approximate costs, timeframes and give you lots of information.

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