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Do you do fertility massage and will it help me?

Yes, we do offer fertility massage. There is an article about this on our website under the preconception tab.

For preconception, during and after birth the mother and baby can benefit from massage. To enhance fertility specific pressure points can be activated to improve your chances of conception, remove any imbalances in your body, reduce stresses and leave you centered and relaxed. During pregnancy, massage can help you connect in a special way with your baby and after birth, massage will help you re-centre and heal.

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What testing do you do?

During the consultation I test your zinc levels (Zinc is an essential trace mineral and is one of the most abundant in the body necessary for over 300 different reactions in our bodies and is the one single most important mineral in men and women for fertility), take your blood pressure, complete an iridology & tongue assessment.

Heavy metal indicator/screening tests – A urine specimen is used to gain an indication of whether heavy metals are detectable in your body. It does not tell you how much of the heavy metal is present, but gives you an idea of what might be present in your body.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – HTMA – this safe, non-invasive pathology test measures the levels and ratios of nutrient and toxic minerals found in your hair sample. This is important as all issues with fertility are aggravated by mineral imbalances and toxic metal excesses. Sometimes knowing the exact heavy metal present (and removing it with natural medicines) can end years of infertility. Especially with low sperm count.

Path lab testing – I can access Pathlab testing like your GP with clients paying for each test. Alternatively you can visit your doctor to discuss testing options. It constantly amazes me how doctors (including specialists) do not check all the possibilities with people and so often I have suggested a test the medical profession should have done, and it is positive. This includes testing for MTHFR via blood.

Smart DNA – This is a Geometric Wellness Test that covers 100 DNA. The benefit of these tests is that enables treatment to target your genetic makeup which helps to treat and prevent disease. Tests include lipid metabolism, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, vitamin uptake including variants in the MTHFR gene which plays a role in miscarriage. These results enable treatment plans to be focused on your own genetic makeup. See for more information.

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Do you have any experience with MTHFR?

Yes, I commonly test and treat clients with both the heterozygous and homozygous presentation of C677T. This is the mutation that tends to affect fertility the most. Diet, lifestyle and specific herbs and supplements can control this issue allowing a healthy, normal, safe pregnancy and baby.

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What is involved in preparation for pregnancy?

Preconception healthcare is a programme of detoxification, reducing chemical exposure, improving nutritional status, charting the menstrual cycle, improving lifestyle choices and reducing stress. It is important because the sperm and the egg take about 100 days to mature and their health reflects the health of the person at the time. All fertility problems are improved by a preconception programme

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What is involved with coming to see you?

The first step is an initial consultation. This usually takes 2 hours and I email a questionnaire which you complete and bring with you along with any medicines/supplements you are taking. At this consultation I will gain a clear understanding of your situation, explain how I can help and what is involved for you. You will also receive lots of information you can start including in your life immediately. At this appointment I also discuss charting, medical tests and complete naturopathic testing. It is a very comprehensive consultation.

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What professional associations do you belong to?

New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists, Naturopaths of New Zealand

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What conditions have you treated?

Low sperm count, low motility, poor morphology, sperm antibodies, endometriosis, MTHFR, PCOS, fibroids, reversed early menopause, erratic menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalance, recurrent miscarriage, unknown causes of infertility

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Do I have to stop smoking and drinking alcohol?

Short answer yes. Long answer anything you do is better than nothing in preparation for pregnancy. Both smoking and consuming alcohol have been shown to have detrimental effect on sperm, egg, viability of a pregnancy and birthing a normal healthy baby

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My partner has a low sperm count, can you help?

Yes, herbal medicine and herbal supplements and lifestyle changes can increase all the sperm parameters. We view men as just as important as the woman to treat as the egg and sperm contribute an equal amount of genetic material to a pregnancy

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Is your programme the same as Francesca Naish’s programme in Sydney?

No, but it is very similar as I was trained by Francesca. Treatment plans are individualised for the couple

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I’m starting IVF in 4 weeks time, what can you do to help?

Although three months preparation time is preferred, if you contact me quickly I can commence a preconception programme with you

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I’ve already got 1 child, but am having trouble having another, can you help?

Yes. Secondary Infertility is not uncommon

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I’m over 40 years old, is it worth my while following your fertility management programme?

Yes. By preparing for pregnancy via herbal medicine and nutrition your biological age reduces and the chances of conception increase

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Does my partner have to be involved?

Preferably Yes, however I can still work with only you. Men need to be more aware that they can also run out of time in terms of maximising fertility and should also engage in preservation of fertility strategies

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Can I combine natural methods with IVF?

Yes. A recent study in the UK showed IVF success rates more than doubled when preceded by a period of preconception healthcare

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How long will it take?

This varies due to many reasons such as client compliance, nature of the problem and whether or not one or both partners have fertility issues. Generally it takes between 1 month and 12 months

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Are there any fertility problems that can’t be helped?

With over 20 years specialising in fertility treatment the only condition that I have been unable to treat is when a biopsy of the testes showed no sperm (Not low count, but no sperm production at all)

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