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All fertility issues can be treated including improving sperm health, count and motility. Female issues such as low ovarian reserve(low AMH), irregular cycles, PCOS, MTHFR, endometriosis, unexplained infertility and miscarriage prevention. Also, I can provide assistance for those of ‘older’ age or I can help you prepare for IVF. If you have not tried to have a baby, but would like to do so soon and want to give your new baby the best start in life, I can help you with a Pre-Conception Programme.

My Programme Includes:

  • Totally natural herbal (plant) extracts
  • Individually prepared formulations and treatment plans
  • Practitioner-only grade nutritional supplements
  • 12 months lunar calculations to optimise your lunar fertile time
  • Full dietary and lifestyle information
  • Education on the accurate charting of the menstrual cycle
  • Screening test for heavy metal load in your body
  • Working with you on an individual basis on all levels; physical, mental and emotional

Why does it work so well?

  • My programme is comprehensive and leaves no stone unturned
  • Herbal medicine is the first medicine, it is effective and gentle for your whole family
  • I treat the cause, not just symptoms
  • Diet and nutrition play a major role in your health and the way you feel. My approach incorporates an in-depth knowledge of plant medicines alongside a significant amount of nutritional study and nutritional supplements that work.
  • I give unlimited support from your first consultation until you are holding your healthy baby
  • I am experienced (over 20 years), honest, approachable and would love to help you make your dreams come true adding you to my list of successes.


Preventing Pregnancy Loss

Finding the cause of your miscarriage is the first and most important step in preventing your next miscarriage.

I use a protocol of medical and naturopathic tests. Then I have a comprehensive treatment strategy which will have you holding your healthy baby in no time.

Whether you have had one miscarriage or several, early or late term miscarriage, are aged 20 or 40 years, I can help you.


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Sperm Wars
Inside New Zealand: Sperm Wars conducts tests on virile young men to see how they are affected by some of these factors as well as meeting three couples who desperately want children, but are affected by the man's fertility.

Video Testimonial
We meet with Yvonnes past clients to see how they are getting on and how the process worked for them

Fertility Massage

Your ability to conceive is profoundly influenced by the complex interaction between you, your body and your environment.

“Massage is an investment in your good health and fertility”

Specific fertility massage can be useful to enhance conception, pregnancy and a positive birth experience

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Practitioner Seminars

New Zealand and Australia

As natural therapists we have the tools to assist everyone to have beautiful healthy babies

Whether you are new to practice or are an experienced practitioner, these three-day stimulating, practical seminars are your opportunity to increase your clientele, improve your clinical knowledge and outcomes, be inspired, have fun and learn from the best.

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